Chantal Goudard studied Contemporary Dance and Performs Arts at the University of Canada in Montreal.

She has attended contemporary dance pedagogic programs with the National dance center of Paris.

She graduated with a Licence in physical education from University of Montpellier and has completed two Pilates teacher programs in Montpellier and Madrid.

Her passion for dance motivated her to  study the José Limón technique with Lucie Boissinot in Montreal, then again at Jose Limón Company Workshops in California, Malaga with Maxine Steinman and New York with Kathryn Alter.

Her constant pursuit to improve her technique and practice has led her to take classes and seek knowledge from domestic and international teachers who faithfully transmit the Pilates Method as Ricardo Jaramillo (Nature/Pilates), Kyria Sabin, Mabel Cabrera (Master Pilates), Jean Claude Nelson.

Her training is complemented with masterclass of perfection and specialization made with the direct disciples of Romana Kryzanowska such as Bob Liekens, Brett Howard, Alan Herdman.

It opens its field of reflection and research towards specific training. Participate in seminars and workshops to deepen their teaching towards their classes to musicians, sportsmen and people with pathologies.

She is  certified Pilates teacher awarded by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) with the certificate 15606 as recorded on

This certification is the highest degree of reliability and quality of teaching that exists worldwide in the Pilates environment.

Chantal was initiated in “Progressing Ballet Technique” with the dancer Marie Walton Mahon, creator of the technique.

She has danced with

  • Compañía Maripaule B/ Philippe Goudard
  • Compañía Kadanse
  • Compañía Les Nuits Blanches
  • Opera Carmen de Jean Paul Scarpitta
  • Compañía Papillons de Nuit
  • Compañía Flamenco Temperamento Andaluz.


Chantal Goudard founded her dance company in France in 2001.

Since 2008 she lives in the province of Cádiz, developing her work in collaboration with Andalusian artists mixing artistic disciplines and cultures.

The Chantal Goudard company creates the shows:

H20Gota de cristal, Soliloquio, Respiro de esencia, 4 por cuatro, Mirada Vertiginosa, Shin Gi Tai


Pilates y de Progressing Ballet Technique in Private Class and Master classes, in Dance and Music Conservatories and Professional Dance Schools

Contemporary dance of the José Limón Technique at the Pablo Fornell “El Garaje” professional dance school and at the Dance School of the University of Cádiz.