Soliloquio is a work in which the external and internal world of the human beings are intertwined; everything tangible, visible, the thoughts and feelings that escape our perception are on display for the outside world.

This duality is embodied in the contrast between flamenco and contemporary dance.

Both artistic disciplines, are divergent in style, but complementary in the work.

Two sides of the same coin represent the expressed behavior and the voice of the inner world. Temperament and strength, sweetness and delicacy are related and merged to show the complex mechanisms of the human being.

Choreography & cast
Pepa Mercé
Chantal Goudard

Original Idea
Benjamín Colsa

Musical director
Diego Gallego

May Fernández

Costume design
Eva Zamorano

Chema Grimaldi Cepero

Video editing
Manuel Romero Yeste

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