A dizzying look opens up the problem of looking beyond a system delimited by collective beliefs and preconceived concepts.

Outside this system, what is it?

Vertigo, precipice, other beliefs, other concepts.
Release, parole or cage, wings open or broken?
Integrity, fear, loneliness, guilt, anguish, weakness, vitality, passion, doubt, anger, fidelity?

Reality is not how you think it is, but how it is.

Are you then adrift? Yes…

“Masters of the helm of our ship and aware of our possibilities but unable to chart a reliable course.”
(Jorge Bucay)

…but by having an active concern for your existence, you do not delimit it between narrow walls of collective beliefs, but you leave your spirit escape, structure and restructure.

You have a rope, like umbilical cord but also as a loop that allows you to freely go down to the bottom of the well, explore the darkness and in that same way climb up to approach the light… like falling down and getting up.

You trace with a chalk a secure perimeter, where you find your peace, your center. Then you like to look for that vertigo, look up at the sky, get dizzy, forget about time, feel alive and so close to a happy death? Because freedom is the very essence of the human being.

To be happy, will it not be to feel the conviction of being on the right path?


“They call you a demon or they call you a god: It’s the price you pay for being misunderstood.”
(Richard Bach)

Chantal Goudard

Chantal Goudard
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Musical production
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Chantal Goudard

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